Product introduction

Precise automatic cutting machine

Work dia. 17 -19mm dia. shrinkage pipe
Work Number
of shrinkage pipes
Standard: Cutting of two shrinkage pipes
(Single pipe cutting can be selectedwith the switch.)
Cutting length Standard cutting
<Upper side> (Double feed OFF)
Cutting is possible from 15mm up to 150mm.
<Lower side> (Work feed setting <<1>>)
Cutting is possible from 15mm up to150mm

Long work cutting
<Upper side> (Double feed ON)
Cutting is possible up to 180mm
<Lower side> (Work feed setting <<2~9>> )
Cutting is possible up to 1300mm
Grinding wheel speed 3000 rpm, 50Hz/60Hz (standard)
Cutting length accuracy +/- 0.15mm

This specification may be changed without a preliminary announcement for improvement

Leading particulars
Grindstone size O.D.:     205 - 150mm
Hole dia.:     25.4mm
Thickness:     0.35mm or more
Grindstone flange dia 70mm, 60mm, 50mm (Standard: 60mm)
Grinding wheel spindle motor 0.75kW -2P-200V, 50Hz/60Hz
Trochoid pump 0.75kW -2P-200V, 50Hz/60Hz
(Max. working pressure: 8kg/cm2)
Coolant pump 0.4kW-4P-200V, 50Hz/60Hz
Separator 1.5kW-4P-200V, 50Hz/60Hz
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 100liters
Coolant tank capacity 230liters
Machine weight Approx. 1400kg
Machine dimensions Width:    1810mm
Depth:    1400mm
Height:   1750mm

The machine is intended to automatically cut stainless pipes quickly and accurately in large quantities.

1. The variation in cutting size is extremely small, or +/- 0.15mm
2. High throughput
3. Easy maintenance and inspection